Nic Salt Juice

Nic Salt Juice

X2O carries popular Nic Salt Juice flavors most-requested by vape enthusiasts. If you’re interested in a smoother throat hit with more flavor and less harshness, try one of our four popular products:

Rush Tobacco

Everything you’re looking for since you quit smoking cigarettes is wrapped up in our Rush Tobacco Nic Salt Juice. If you stopped smoking for health reasons and have been looking for an adequate substitute for the rich tobacco taste you used to love waking up to or enjoying after work, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate Rush Tobacco. Our unique tobacco flavor features a graham cracker undertone that is subtle, adding an air of mystique to an otherwise excellent example of what’s missing in today’s vape experience.

Rush Razzletaz

Looking for something explosive in the mouth and smooth on the inhale? Try Rush Razzletaz for its sweet and juicy raspberry candy flavor- you’ll be a believer from the first hit that taste doesn’t have to come with that tell-tale hit to the throat every time you want to experience a jolt of flavor. Razzletaz offers a nostalgic reminder of what blue raspberry was to your childhood years- without the artificial color that left your tongue blue for hours after indulging.

Rush Menthol

Rush’s Menthol Nic Salt Juice is nothing like the mint you’re currently vaping. Creamy and refreshingly minty, Rush Menthol is the king of flavor, smooth delivery, and refreshingly cool overtones. This Nic Salt Juice is anything but ordinary, and everything you want in a menthol- less the harsh impact so many other menthol products leave you with. On a hot summer day, Rush menthol is like a cool drink of water to a thirsty traveler- on a cold morning, it’s like peppermint ice that goes down smooth.

Rush Mango

Our customers consistently ask us for a recommendation on a fruit vape juice that is true to flavor without being overwhelming. We love pointing our shoppers to Rush Mango for a ripe mango taste with a crisp touch of ice; it’s like inhaling clouds of mango flavor without the calories. Rush Mango Nic Salt Juice is sure to be your new go-to when looking for an after-dinner sweet or morning Nic Salt rush.

How to Use Rush Nic Salt Juice

We highly recommend using Nic Salt Juice in pod-based systems or high resistance, low output atomizers, as they are not meant for use in sub-ohm devices. Feel free to explore our website’s resources to find the perfect starter kit or Pro V kit for use with Rush Nic Salt Juice. Please note that all Nic Salt Based e-liquids contain significantly higher levels of nicotine compared with other e-juice products.

Why Shop X2O Vapes

We carry a wide range of vaping accessories, e-liquids, equipment, and bundles at prices you’re sure to appreciate. Check out our affordable devices, Wild Hemp CBD products, wholesale priced items, and Rush Nic Salt Juice and take home high-quality products without overspending on vaping accessories.

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