WARNING: This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



Premium Vape Tank

The time has come to step up your vaping game to the X2O Premium Tank. This tank has a two chamber tank that keeps your e-liquid fresh and ready to vape at a moment’s notice. Fill your e-liquid into the top chamber by unscrewing the top cap, yes this is a top filling tank, once the chamber is full and the top is screwed back in place depress the drip tip and e-liquid will drip down into the coil chamber.

Using our 1.6 ohm dual coil for added vapor production and enhanced flavor with this tank you can’t go wrong. We’ve also added 4 different airflow adjustment holes on the base of the tank so you can control the temperature of your vape.

What’s in the box:
-Kronos Premium Tank (with a pre-installed coil)
-Extra Dual Coil
-Adapter Cone
-Cotton Pad