WARNING: This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Flashback (2 Pack) PG-18 - 10ML ( Banana Caramel w/ Pistachio )

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PG 18 was created for you fruit lovers out there. This line of premium e-liquid is full of berries, apples, banana, melons, raspberries and more! When creating PG 18 our vapor experts thoroughly tested each flavor at various trade shows we attended throughout the world to produce the 7 flavors offered in X2O Vapes' new e-liquid line. PG 18 is shipping in 2-10ml Bottlesto ensure sunlight will not affect the perfectly crafted blend of fruits and berries of this premium e-liquid. Can you guess where the name comes from...


This is one e-liquid you won't regret buying!


Flavor profile: Bananas and caramel with an exhale of pistachios. 


VG: 82%

PG: 18%


E-liquid made in the USA. 

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